Call Center Platform

Singo Solution allows your organization to leverage Fortune 100 Technology, Management, and Staff. In today’s global marketplace businesses are looking for ways to economically increase productivity, improve efficiency and out perform their competition.

Singo Solution offers our clients a comprehensive hosted and managed Cloud Call Center Solution. Singo Solution melds managed customer experience solutions with the benefits of state of the art, customized Singo Solution provides a focused, flexible, and cost effective customer contact Singo Solution Virtual Call Center platform requires no software or equipment enabling a rapid, flexible and seamless deployment of your application.

Our Contact Center solutions work with your processes with no "implementation" or "integration" plans required. We work with your existing processes to increase ROI on each function.

Product Features:
Queue-To-Queue Transfers:
In many cases clients utilize the incorrect inbound numbers to reach an organziation, this feature solves that issue. Each agent will see the client info and can transfer the client, with the screen POP data to the correct support agent.

Custom Call Routing: 

The unique features of the Singo Platform enables the Admin Team to customize call routing DID and/or TFN. This ability to customize traffic routes applies to Contact Center and Office Phone numbers.

Agent-To-Agent Transfers:
Enables Clients to call back into an Agent group and speak with the agent who has been handling their account or sale. This feature supports client oriented organizations that need to have the cleint speak with the same agent post call disconnect.
Customizable CRM Interface:
To ensure that every client data point is managed and every contact is is logged, an organization must utilize a CRM database. This enables teams to track trouble tickets, Sales Orders, Agent client notes, and track client history.
Customizable Screen POP:
Our systme enables the Admin Team to define what contact list(s) items are reflected to the agent teams via the screen POP.This data enables the agent to effectively communicate to each client.
Audio Systems:
Based on the client requirements, the Singo Platform provides the flexibility to utilize three methods of audio communicaitons: IP phone, Softphone or DID call back.

Call Recording: 

Unlike competitor platfroms, the Singo Solutions Platform provides for 100% Call Recording on BOTH the Contact Center Calls AND Ofice Phone lines.

Multi-Site Call Routing:

Since our platform is site agnostic, our clients benefit from the utilization of virtual sites which can be multiple sites across regional or national locations.

Survey Inteface: 

The ability to communicate with your clients and understand their needs OR complete live agent surveys for your client as a BPO providing total survey reporting and metrics.